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Les Amis de la Chapelle et du Patrimoine d'Avigny

Avigny is a small hamlet situated approximately 3 km from the commune of Mailly-la-Ville to which it belongs.

Before the Revolution, there was a very old chapel at Avigny, built around the 12th century.
Little remains of this old building which was destroyed in 1793. The current chapel, dedicated to Saint Marc, only dates back to the mid 19th century.
At the time, Abbot Zéphirin Beau was the priest for Mailly-la-Ville.

He wanted to build a new place of worship at Avigny which, at that time, had several hundred inhabitants. But the population of the hamlet was not sufficiently rich and they had to find other funds.
The Abbot was a well-informed apiarist and turned to the bees for help. He installed some hives which rapidly grew in number.
Proceeds raised from the sale of honey allowed the hamlet to partially finance the construction of the chapel.

This building, with its neo-gothic architecture, has a somber façade surmounted by an elegant spire.
The interior comprises a prominent transept which cuts across a unique nave. Some of the original stained glass windows, dated 1875, were designed by the master glazier Henri Mathieu. The Association of the Friends of Avigny Chapel (non profit making organization - Law 1901) was set up in the early 1990s to protect and restore this heritage building.

For many years now, at the beginning of May, the association organizes its traditional "chapel walk" which is followed by a picnic lunch.
The Mass of St Hubert is held here in early October with trumpeters from the Rallye Aux Cerf Roy hunting group.

The chapel is open to the public during events organized by the Association and every year, during European Heritage days, which generally take place on the third weekend of September. Several religious services are held here during the year.

If you wish to get in touch or find out about the programme of events, you are advised to contact:

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Front of the Chapel

The chancel

The clock tower