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Nina Vidrovitch

Nina VIDROVITCH has always worked as an artist and has made it a point of honour to live only off the proceeds of her art.

She grew up in a family with an interest in fine arts and, in the early stages of her career, was influenced by the teachings of the famous poster designer and artist, Paul COLIN.

From the 1960s onwards, she has worked independently, discovering her own particular style and inspiration.
Although she is sometimes attracted by nature, her main source of inspiration comes from mythology and theatre.
Her paintings are intended to be both symbolic representations and narrative works.
Nina VIDROVITCH's paintings are neither abstract nor figurative.
She introduces us to an evocative world in which the observer is free to follow his own thoughts - but always under the watchful eye of her famous painted profiles.
Her work can be seen in collections worldwide and the importance of her art has now been acknowledged with her inclusion in a respected catalogue of paintings.

Nina VIDROVITCH has lived in Bessy sur Cure, in Burgundy since 1993, after decades spent in the Marais district, Paris.
She prefers the tranquility and natural light of this region, already populated by numerous other artists, to the hustle bustle of the capital.
You can meet Nina VIDROVITCH, see her art and visit her studio (by appointment only. Tel: + 33 (0)3 86 81 93 96).
The book of letters exchanged between the actress Anny Duperey and the painter Nina Vidrovitch, which was published in 2008 by Editions du Seuil, has been republished by "Points," a subsidiary of Editions du Seuil, under the same title: "De la vie dans son art, de l'art dans sa vie" (Life in art and art in life)

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Nina Vidrovitch
144, Grande Rue 89270 BESSY-SUR-CURE
Tel +33 (0)3 86 81 93 96

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Nina Vidrovitch

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