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Office de Tourisme entre Cure et Yonne
Halte nautique de Bazarnes
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Loisirs en Morvan

Loisirs en Morvan offers a wide range of outdoor, fun, sporting activities, suitable for all ages.

Ideal for holidays with friends or family.
The perfect and alternative way to explore the Cure valley and other local natural gems. Châtelaines Adventure Park.

In Autumn, under the watchful eye of our instructors, you can discover the joys of being sky-high and can try your hand at a whole range of activities.

Monkey bridges, hammocks, Nepalese bridges, log bridges, trapezes, rope bridges, bridges with stirrups etc.
Our courses, with their varying degrees of difficult, are sure to delight and thrill most of you.

Children from 4 years and upwards can experience the joys of climbing trees, swinging across ropes and in hammocks, and even zip-lines.


Try out some of the Morvan climbing school practice sites and scale the granite rocks approved by the Fédération Française de la Montagne et de l'Escalade (French Federation for Mountains and Climbing).
Climbing requires self-confidence and trust in your partner.
Climb the peaks and let your spirit soar ... in total safety, of course!
Also try out: rafting, hot dogging, hydrospeeding and canoeing.
Pot holing in dry caves; archery; mountain biking solo or in groups in the Morvan.
Quad biking in the Avalonnais region; pony trekking in the Morvan; paint balling.

Enjoy one day or weekend adventures. Your stay will feel all too short!

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Loisirs en Morvan
Rue Gravier 89450 SAINT PERE
Tel +33 (0)3 86 31 90 10
Fax  03 86 33 36 73

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Châtelaines adventure park

Pot holing in dry caves

Pony trekking in the Morvan