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Chambres d'hôtes de l'Abbaye de Reigny

Founded in 1128 by Saint Bernard, the Abbaye of Reigny is located in the wild on the border of the Cure.

Very powerful during the middle age the Abbaye endured the events of history but has remained a wonderful and breath-taking construction throughout the centuries.
The former monk's magnificent dining hall (of the XIVth century, unique in Burgundy) and their dormitory reorganized in 1925, which received Coco Chanel, confer to this construction a historical and welcoming atmosphere.

The owners of the Abbaye de Reigny will be pleased to welcome you and introduce you to this extraordinary construction.

Coco Chanel suite

2 double rooms coupled for families or friendsRoom of the Duke of WestminsterThis room has been restored in the spirit of 1920.

Beautifull room with king size bed.
Bathroom and toilettes separated.

Abbot's room

This room offer the most beautifull seesight to the garden of the abbey.
Big bathroom with bath and shower.
Bath's roomOriginal room create around the idea of the bath.

Very beautifull seesight to the garden, especially from the bath.Bathroom with shower.Galand de Reigny's roomCharming room, very sunny in the morning, with 2 simples bed.
Bathroom with shower.


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