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The Nivernais canal was initially built to facilitate wood-floating from Clamecy to Paris and was an important means of communication which contributed to the economic development of the region.

It was used to transport foodstuffs (wine, corn etc.) and materials (stone, coal etc.) until the arrival of the railways in the 19th century.

The Nivernais canal links the Loire basin with the Seine basin, following the course of the river Yonne. It traverses the department of Nièvre, flows through the Yonne valleys and finishes in the town of Auxerre, in the department of the Yonne.

The canal is 174 km long, and flows from Saint-Léger-des-Vignes, a small town in the south of Nièvre, to Auxerre. It has 116 locks.

On the Seine side, the Yonne river feeds into the Nivernais canal at La Chaise. At the Vermenton branch junction, it is joined by the River Cure which continues as far as Auxerre.

Today it is used exclusively for boating and many sailors consider it to be one of the most beautiful canals in Europe, farming games farming games ben 10 games puzzle games highlighted by the presence of some remarkable period structures (archways, tunnels, locks etc.)

The great thing about the Nivernais canal is that you can rent a boat without a permit or sleep on board (minimum of two days) without a permit, departing from Vermenton.

Enjoy relaxing moments, drifting on the current, through the many locks. Relaxation guaranteed (boats must not exceed 8 km/h!) and breath-taking natural scenery!

The Nivernais Canal Tourist Welcome Guide, designed by the Yonne and Nièvre Tourist Development Agencies, will help you discover the region's unique heritage and provides practical information to make your stay truly unforgettable.

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Office de Tourisme entre Cure et Yonne
Halte nautique de Bazarnes
Tel +33 (0)3 86 81 54 26

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On board a boat, on the Nivernais

Cruise boat on the Nivernais

Vermenton Port, Nivernais canal