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Chapel "du Beugnon"

 The monks of Reigny Abbey, next to the town of Vermenton, wanted to make them leave as the spring and the land belonged to them. 

But the Lord of Arcy, Claude d'Aullenay, preferred to negotiate by exchanging the village of Lucy sur Cure for the spring and the lands of Beugnon, Vaux de Malon and Couchenoire. 
Thus, in 1494 the hamlet of "Beugnon," came into being. 
this seigniorial type chapel was built around 1540 and has a remarkable gate. 
In the centre of its triangular fronton is a large scallop shell. 
Inside, the old "pool," near the alter, uses the same decorative motives seen on the gate. 
These distinctive signs, amongst others, show that the chapel was a coaching inn on the road to Santiago de Compostella. 
The 1648 pilgrims' guide shows that the fourth route, which was the Vézelay route, traversed the hamlet of Beugnon. 
The 11 x 5 metre building is a fine example of flamboyant gothic architecture although you can discern a few hints of later architectural styles. 
It comprises a simple nave with three bays, with ribbed vaults, supported by external buttresses. 
There are some flamboyant style architectural elements combined with early Renaissance architecture from Italy or more precisely Lombardy. 
The chapel was listed in 1976. In 1999, the town council decided to try to save the chapel and since 2003 it has been the proud owner of a new roof. 
But the commune's financial resources are limited which is why in 2001 the inhabitants of Beugnon and Arcy-sur-Cure decided to create an organization to help the town council restore this small but delightful monument which represents the very heart of the hamlet. 
Friends of Beugnon Chapel. 
Organization formed on 25th January 2001, in accordance with Law 1901 N° 0891010865.

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Choir of the chapel

Baptismal font of the chapel