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Natura 2000

Nature trail ""Les Fleurs Boudin"" in Mailly-la-Ville

Explore the land between the river and hillsides (Les Coûtas) and discover the natural and historic heritage of Mailly-la-Ville. Stroll through the fresh undergrowth and open spaces, past the river. Enjoy the variety of landscapes, the network of pine forests, lawns and cultural areas. The trail which is lined with plants, and protected species such as the Pulsatilla vulgaris (Pasque flower) cuts across a part of the Natura 2000 site with ""grassland and calcicolous forests on the hillsides overlooking the Cure and Yonne, upriver from Vincelles.""

There are information boards (FR/UK) all along the trail. You'll learn how wood was transported to Paris and you'll find out the reasons for the decline of the vineyards in the 20th century. You will also learn about the origin of the murgers, dry stone wall constructions which you'll find throughout the area.

What is the Nature 2000 network?

It is an European ecological network of natural sites set up under the “Birds” Directive (1979) and the “Habitats, Fauna and Flora” Directive (1992).

Its main objective is to preserve bio diversity and ensure the conservation of natural habitats and particularly endangered species, significant conservation issues in Europe. It consists of a collection of natural sites, both land and sea-based, selected for the rarity or fragility of their species of wild flora and fauna or for their natural habitats.

The network consists of special protection areas (SPA) and Special Areas of Conservation (SAC).

France has chosen a voluntary approach: owners and users of land that falls within the Natura 2000 sites are asked to support bio diversity. They can choose to become involved or not. They are offered a contact in which they agree to implement policies to help conserve the natural environment. This is in exchange for a financial payment, commensurate with the amount of work involved.

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Natural 2000 sites in the Yonne region

France makes a significant contribution to this European network thanks to its diverse landscapes and its rich variety of flora and fauna. The Natura 2000 national network has more than 1,700 sites and covers 12.5% of the surface area of France.

In the Yonne, the network includes 15 sites which cover more than 12,000 ha, that is 2% of the department. Two Natura 2000 sites are located within the department.

-Site FR2600974 “The grassland and calcicolous forests to be found on the hillsides of the Cure and Yonne valleys, upstream from Vincelles”
-Site FR2600962 “Grasslands associated with the forested plateaus of lower Burgundy”

The two sites are mostly comprised of forests. They also include chalky grasslands. These grasslands, which were formerly used for sheep grazing, are currently disappearing. They form a very special environment and are home to many distinctive flora and fauna, in particular numerous different species of orchids.

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