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Bessy sur Cure

Bessy is a pretty town, nestled in a valley between the Cure and the chalky Burgundy hillsides; it borders the left bank of the River Cure and follows it over a distance of roughly 800 metres.

Its houses - most of which date back to the late 18th century - are made from Burgundy stone, lending it a remarkable flinty charm, despite the lush green surroundings - the vineyards, which produced an average quality wine, have now been replaced by meadows and woods.

A 16th century church, a bridge dating back to 1790, a 1850 washhouse, a town hall (old 12th century St Jacques chapel) are the only monuments in this small town of 162 inhabitants. Its appeal lies in its long forest walks and the peace and sense of well-being they engender; or the feeling of relaxation as you lounge around the lake, in the middle of the village.

A communal gîte (23 people) offers an oasis of calm for pilgrims en route to Santiago de Compostella (GR13) or two furnished gîtes, perfect for nature lovers.

Bessy sur Cure, aerial view