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The village of Accolay, bordered by the Cure, is just 5 minutes from Vermenton.

It has a lovely view of the river and the Nivernais canal. Several old washhouses, surrounded by flowers, can still be seen.
Stroll around the small streets in search of a nice restaurant; there are also shops nearby. A lovely campsite also awaits you.

At the end of August, during the village festival, you'll have the chance to enjoy some nautical jousting; this tradition can be traced back to the days of the wood floating industry, when the wood - needed to heat Paris - which used to be cut in the Morvan, was floated down the river.
It's a form of entertainment in which two men, each placed on a raised platform at the back of a small boat, try to knock each other into the water, by pushing each other with long poles as the boats approach.

The village reenacts the tradition throughout the last weekend in August, when firework displays and traditional jousting tournaments are held on the river Cure.

There was a ceramics factory in Accolay for many years and it remains well-known, even to this day. Several large pottery factories, which can be seen at the side of major roads, are a reminder of this once thriving industry.

The village's sporting activities are also worth mentioning: the traditional green run (walking race) takes place every year before the last Sunday in August.

Accolay, aerial view

Accolay, nivernais canal

Nautical jousting at Accolay

Pottery, Accolay